My Net RN was founded over a decade ago to provide health education and support to neighbors, friends and family. Patricia Carothers, President and co-founder of My Net RN had a dream to spread advocacy for improved health and a return to quality of life, one person at a time. Today, this company has grown to provide comprehensive case management services to the Colorado community and beyond. Our nurses are compassionate, experienced Certified Case Managers with expertise across many nursing specialties. We offer case management support for  Worker’s Compensation claims, Short and Long Term Disability Claims, and Catastrophic Claims.  My Net RN also provides Medical Management Review services,  Facility Assessments and Ergonomic Evaluations.

“Our focus is on quick communication and feedback throughout the life of an assignment”, says Patricia Carothers BSN, RN, MS, CCM. ” We are to be the eyes and ears in the field –  and feet on the ground, and our role is to help move that file forward to resolution. Early in and early out on each and every claim – making the impact to assist in returning an injured worker back to work and back to a healthy life!”

Allow us to support your field and telephonic case management needs.

Assess. Interpret. Provide.

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Thank you for considering My Net RN to support your case management needs!

The goal of our Nurse Case Managers is to assist claims front start to finish. Plain and simple, discharge planning begins upon admission. Our nurses use early intervention and quick communication to help manage a file while avoiding unnecessary costs. Using nationally recognized guidelines and clinical expertise, My Net RN Case Managers take a pro-active approach when managing file.  We can help find approved, experienced providers. We interpret treatment plans and monitor expected outcomes And we identify when treatment is excessive and/or outside guidelines.

Allow us the opportunity to show you what we do best. Assess. Interpret. Provide.

Referrals can be made online. Or if you prefer, contact us directly to discuss a file. We are here to help.


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