Cannabis Types and Tips

Cannabis Types and Tips

A friend recently shared that she suffers from chronic pain in her back and hips. She has heard so much hype about CBD, but is “on the fence” about trying the product to help her pain. She wondered how people could go to work if they were “high on CBD”?

Press the pause button here. I don’t think she’s unique in her lack of understanding about cannabis products.

In a general sense, we can divide cannabis products into the following broad categories:

  • High Time – High THC (“The High Causer”) and Low CBD ratio. This would be the familiar marijuana smoked by millions to get high.
  • Possibly High Time – Mixed ratio of THC to CBD. Could possibly cause a psychoactive effect, but not as intense as varietals that are THC dominant.
  • No High Time – High CBD to Low THC ratio. This is the non – euphoric marijuana or hemp products.

Cannabidiol does not cause a psychoactive effect on the body like THC. The use of cannabis as a botanical healing agent does not have to come with a “high” effect. Dr. Dustin Sulak, director of Integr8 Health, notes “Most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required to produce euphoria or impairment.” It is possible to achieve healing without the high.

CBD and THC work better as a couple than as single isolates. For example, CBD can enhance THC’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits and reduce the unwanted side effects. For some people, however, THC is either not tolerated or is undesirable. Still, studies show that single molecule cannabinoids are not as therapeutic as whole plant formulations. So the key is finding the right balance, and within legal restrictions, for your needs.

CBD for the masses is moving towards a high CBD to THC ratio with less than .3% of the latter (meeting federal standards). There are many products to choose from, so be selective. The tips I shared with my friend (and my clients) include:

  • Start low and go slow with dosing of cannabis products.
  • Work with a medical professional, a Nurse Cannabis Coach, to help guide your dosing and monitor results.
  • If THC restrictions are dictated by law or employment in your part of the world, CBD isolate products are a reasonable start.
  • You can heal without the high.



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